Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology For The Best Experience

Have you ever imagined a certain futuristic tech that you think would be cool to have? Well, for the most part, we aren’t far off from what we’ve imagined. Innovators are continuously creating new technologies that will help make a better user experience for consumers. Whether it is for designing, playing, or shopping, we have the latest technology to reshape the way we do things. Some of the latest and most popular innovations are Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, and Voice Assistant. Imagine having Adobe design tutorials with this tech to make it more engaging.

In this article, let’s dive in on the latest emerging technology and how it can shape the future even more. Find out how you can use this in your everyday routine.

Virtual reality helmet on futuristic background. 3d illustration

Designing With Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a tool used for publishing and designing. You can create designs for magazines, posters, newspapers, brochures, presentations, books, and many more. Adobe InDesign always keeps updating and changing for the better.

Today, Adobe is aiming to develop technology to work beyond a canvas. For instance, Adobe’s Project Dali uses Virtual Reality (VR) for limitless canvas with brushes and 3D images. It’s a real-time process where you can paint and check your work like in real life. Imagine using Adobe InDesign with the same method.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is widely used in various industries with its life-like real physical world feature. From online casinos to games and educational videos, it has been one of the most effective methods for better engagement. The travel industry has also used VRs to make a rich and detailed presentation of places.

Augmented reality is a combination of parts of the physical world and digital visual elements. It gives a more enhanced physical world with computer-generated elements. Some of the examples of AR are Nintendo’s Pokémon GO, customising sneakers with Nike, L’Oréal Makeup App, US Army, and IKEA mobile app. AR is highly essential in collecting user data to help gain insight into user preferences.

Robot's arm working with Virtual Reality touchscreen

Voice Assistant

With the help of AI, voice technology has changed the way people search for content in web browsers. The collection of various accents and languages have further improved the use of voice technology such as Alexa and Siri. Voice technology will not only be used for searches, but it is now going to be used for voice-based shopping in Amazon and even Walmart.

Other emerging technologies to watch out for are machine learning, chatbots, biometrics, and facial recognition. We are in a digital age where immersive platforms are needed by companies and consumers in a variety of industries. From Adobe design trends to emerging technology, we are excited to know what the next big thing is.